2012 Summer Showcase Information!!!!

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    Summer Showcases are starting to fill up quickly! We had over 200 coaches at last summer's events and this is going to be our biggest summer ever!

    Visit http://maximumexposurebasketball.com/ShowcaseInformation.php for more information or to register before it's too late!!!

    Each event is NCAA certified and Division I coaches will be in attendance. You can come as an individual or bring your AAU or HS team! The event is open to anyone with college eligibility left. We currently have HS players, JC players, Prep School players, transfers, and HS graduates! As long as you haven't signed a letter of intent with an NCAA or NAIA school then you are welcome!

    Don't miss your chance to be seen by tons of coaches and get your name and evaluation sent out to every school in the country!

    Sign up now before we are full!


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