40 lb Weight Vest, 3 Speed Chutes, Push Pull Sled, Speed Ladder + $199

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    We still have a few sets remaining. This is your chance to get a training room in a box for under $200. First come, first serve. Use the coupon code 100off3 and get 3 sets for $499 + free shipping!

    40 Pound Weight Vest
    M 48" Speed Chute
    L 56" Speed Chute
    XL 72" Speed Chute
    Power Sled + Harness
    Portable Power Jumper
    20' Agility Ladder Bonus Advanced Ladder DVD included
    9 Mini Hurdles
    5 Evasion Belts
    40 Dome Markers

    Visit http://www.elitesportsdirect.com/Elite-Sports-Classic-Package_p_8.html for more details.


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