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    A friend/Coach just emailed this to me and thought I would pass it forward. Some of our local guys that have a problem shooting should get this ? Seems like it has some credible testimonials.

    The J-GLOVE SHOOTING AID, which was released about a year ago is currently be used (and testimonials) from high profile programs such as Louisville, Stanford, Boston College, Florida, Miami, LSU, as well as NBA teams such as the Miami Heat Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and San Antonio Spurs. THE J-GLOVE (AND RELATED PRODUCTS) WILL BE ON SALE UNTIL DECEMBER 25TH! (website below)


    The J-Glove shooting aid has recently caught the basketball world by storm, with a patented FINGER SPLINT DESIGN that prevents finger flexion at the base of your finger joints. As a result, the design eliminates premature side-to-side wrist action during follow through, which is a major biomechanical flaw for the majority of amateur shooters. The J-Glove design also prevents the ball from every resting on the palm during shot set up, assuring the ball is perfectly balanced on each repetition. NOTHING ON THE MARKET CAN SET UP YOUR SHOT AND FINISH YOUR SHOT, MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!

    I hope this may help as a resource for some local players. It looks like it is being sold all over the world and helping many players.

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