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    I want to make you aware of the camps I am offering this summer.

    1.College Skills Camps: June 5-9 Branson, MO This camp is primarily for college players, including incoming freshman. If you have graduating seniors who are going to play in college next year, I would appreciate it if you would pass on this information to them. Also, if you have a returning player who you feel has the ability to play college ball, and who would not be intimidated by a camp of mostly college athletes, I will take them in this camp

    2.High School Elite Camp: July 10-14 Branson, MO This camp will be taught along the same curriculum as my College Skills Camps. This will be a great opportunity for high school players who have aspirations to play in college.

    To download brochures and entry forms for these two camps, go this site:


    Brochures and Entry Forms are also attached to this e-mail

    For More Information call: 636-232-4688

    If you have the opportunity to talk to players who have been through Jackie's camps, they will tell you it is like no other camp - and it is the best camp experience they have ever had.

    You will spend 12 hours a day either on the court or in the classroom. The pace will be fast. You will learn to use your dribble, your teammates, your opponents and your own "sense of where you are" to create space, or shooting openings. We will teach you ball handling and shooting workouts that are taught in sequential order and provide the building blocks of Jackie's system. You will learn new and innovative ideas about the "great equalizer;" physical strength and conditioning. You will learn not only how - but why - which will help you become a team leader who is "a coach on the floor." You will become a better teammate and a better person.

    In the end, you will walk out of camp empowered with the skills to maximize, to the fullest, a once in a lifetime opportunity; the privilege of playing basketball.

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