Shabazz Muhammad - Jeremy Lin - Akognon Trainer/Article -Amazing stuff

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    I thought I would pass along a great resource to area players and families. I recently became in contact with Shabazz Muhammad’s Basketball trainer (#1 HS player in the country). Come to find out he trains the Findlay Prep guys, College, Pre-Draft, and Pro athletes. Stuff is really cutting edge. Also, if you look at all of the websites there are a ton of free training video stuff and an online store. There is also a great article about Jeremy Lin and all his clients. He (Jeremy Russotti) is also the inventor of the J-Glove, V-Bands, and O-Bands, and bunch of DVDs. Guy seems to be a training genius. Take it for what its worth, but the best trainer I have ever seen and he seems to train the best as well. Websites are below and his online store ( on those sites shows all the video and drills stuff.

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